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History of Hokitika and Teichelmann's B&B

Hokitika's Colourful History

1868: Gibson's Quay1928: Hamilton StreetHokitika's origins date back to the 1860s when it was the rip-roaring goldfields capital and important river port offering accommodation to immigrants, settlers and travellers. Revell Street, once the busiest and most important, featured many hotels, three opera houses and the usual array of business premises along its 'Crooked Mile' meandering along the beachfront.

As a riverport, Hokitika rivaled Dunedin and Auckland and steamers on the Dunedin to Melbourne run made Hokitika a calling point before leaving New Zealand. Heavy surf, tides and inclement weather added to the difficulty of crossisng a constantly-changing river bar and 43 vessels came to grief.

Today, Hokitika is a friendly rural town with wide, attractive streets and is a clean and inviting community for visitors. With a population of approximately 4000 and a strong local economy, Hokitika is proud to offer comprehensive services, shopping and nationally acclaimed restaurants. Hokitika is the West Coast's recognised craft centre where locally-sourced materials are crafted by our artisans in studios that offer visitors the opportunity to view and take home a piece of Hokitika. Hokitika's past is well represented in the West Coast Historical Museum and the ongoing restoration of significant buildings.

Teichelmann's B&B cafe de Paris Hokitika River
Teichelmann's B&B cafe de Paris
(Teichelmann's on left)
Free Public Library
(now West Coast Museum)

Ebenezer Teichelmann

Teichelmann's takes its name from Dr Ebenezer Teichelmann who was affectionately known as 'the little doctor'. His contributions to mountaineering, photography, conservation, health and welfare made him a larger-than-life character in Westland history.

Dr Teichelmann, renowned mountaineer, has two South Westland peaks – Mount Teichelmann and Mount Ebenezer – named after him. After being appointed as surgeon general to the Westland Hospital in 1897, Dr Teichelmann built the original part of the house as his consulting rooms.

Ebenezer Teichelmann

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